What we do & why we do it…

Long story short, while Josh (our Founder & CEO) was working on a coffee plantation he saw an opportunity to disrupt the coffee supply chain for the better.  Coffee farmers usually only receive a very small percentage of the roasted price because the industry is full of people who bleed green (greed). Greed, breeds more greed, which ends up compromising the quality of coffee around the world. The large majority of profit from coffee it eaten up by middlemen, large roasting companies and various certification organisations. Liquid Black thinks green, but bleeds red (passion). After experiencing 1st hand how much work goes into growing high quality coffee, Josh thought it wasn't right that farmers usually only receive a very small percentage of the roasted price for their green coffee, as this doesn't truly reflect the amount of work they contribute to the a delicious cup of coffee. We always pay Farmer's multiple times the listed "Fairtrade" price! We are not a charity, we don't give coffee farmers more money than the market price, we believe they earn it! We will never pay to be ... certified. The only certification we will ever have is a "Liquid Black Certification," we don't charge farmers, companies or consumers for this certification, unlike other "certification organisations," and we will only ever award it to the coffee we sell to ensure Liquid Black's high quality and ethical standards are met.


Meet The Liquid Black Family


Founder & CEO

Born and raised in Australia. A proud, yet down-to-earth Ivy Leaguer, graduating from Cornell University in New York with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 2013. Returned to Australia to work as a Venture Capitalist. When Josh pursues something it's all or nothing. Before launching Liquid Black he even worked on a coffee plantation to know every aspect of the coffee industry 1st hand. 



Head of Coffee

 3rd generation coffee farmer, a hard worker, good friend, and a great bloke. Rob is a perfectionist, taking tremendous pride in the coffee he grows, how he roasts and the quality of coffee we source from around the world.