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The Little Guy Espresso Maker and Induction Top


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Product Description

The perfect pair: The Little Guy Stove Top Espresso Maker & Induction Top! Espresso Maker: The Little Guy really has the best of both worlds, brain and beauty. The shots The Little Guy extracts are very unique in their texture, aroma and taste (all are excellent), the shots are similar to espresso from a commercial grade espresso machine. The Little Guy has more than enough steam for texturing milk worthy of top notch latte art. Winner of multiple international design awards. This Little champion is proudly Australian designed and owned. The Little Guy works on narrow gas flame (heat needs to focus on centre of the boiler). Electric stovetops will also work as long as the boiler base have full coverage of heat. The perfect option is custom induction top designed specifically for The Little Guy. Standard induction cook tops are not reliable to use for The Little Guy. Here's what you get when you purchase The Little Guy : 1) The Little Guy's stainless steel espresso maker 51mm coffee basket for professional espresso grind 2) 51mm coffee basket for store bought espresso grind (you won't need it) 3) Stainless steel coffee jug 4) Stainless steel milk jug 5) Nylon coffee tamper 6) Silicon mat 7) Two Italian latte glasses 8) Instructional DVD 9) Also comes with a 3 year warranty. Induction Top: Push The Little Guy button once on the induction top and it instantly heats to the perfect temperature for the right amount of time required (has an auto cut out in case you forget to turn it off after brewing) to make amazing coffee using The Little Guy Stove Top Espresso Maker. It's compact, stylish, perfect for making coffee using The Little Guy Stove Top Espresso Maker and can also be used to cook food too. Price includes GST, delivery & one week's supply of coffee.

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